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We are amped about the coming electric vehicle revolution & are
charged up
to create a better experience for all

Happy as an EV ;)

We're Humans First

While we care deeply about making it so easy to find a public charger that switching to an EV is a no-brainer, we prioritize the mental and physical health of our users and ourselves

We Stay Humble

We don’t ask others to do something we wouldn’t be willing to do ourselves, and no task is ever “beneath us”. We stay grounded in our users’ problems and needs, and we listen to what they have to say.

We’re Scrappy & Resourceful

We might be small, but we’re competitive. We get stuff done – we’re biased towards action and value speed above finding the perfect solution.

Ownership & Transparency with Empathy

Everything we say and do is in the spirit of improvement and building each other up, even when things go wrong. It’s okay and normal to make mistakes or fail – when it’s our mistake, we own up to it and do our best to improve, and when it happens to others, we do our best to support them.

Accessibility Is Important

We want our product to be usable by our parents, and even our grandparents. We’re willing to make trade-offs like giving up snappy, minimalistic designs so that people who are less tech-savvy can use our product.

We have fun!

Meet the Team

We try to stay humble (see above), but we have to say...
our team is pretty awesome.

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