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  • David Tse

Santa's Electric Sleigh: An AI-Generated Christmas Adventure

We asked ChatGPT to tell us a bedtime story about Santa and his EV.

Here's what it came up with! Enjoy! 🎄


Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of the North Pole, where snowflakes danced and icicles sparkled like diamonds, there lived a jolly old man named Santa Claus. Santa was known for his magical sleigh and his team of merry reindeer who helped him deliver presents to children all around the world on Christmas Eve.

But this year, something unexpected happened. As Christmas approached, Santa noticed his reindeer feeling a bit under the weather. It turned out they had eaten far too many cookies while visiting different homes during their practice runs. Oh dear, they had gotten tummy aches! Poor reindeer!

Three reindeers that ate too many cookies

Santa scratched his snowy beard and pondered. "What should we do?" he wondered aloud. But being the resourceful fellow that he was, Santa had an idea that twinkled in his eyes like the star on top of the Christmas tree.

He called upon his trusted friend, Professor Gizmo, the brilliant inventor of the North Pole. Together, they worked tirelessly in Gizmo's workshop filled with gears, gadgets, and gizmos of all shapes and sizes.

After many tinkers and tweaks, they emerged with a marvelous invention—an electric sleigh! It was sleek, shiny, and powered by a magical battery that never ran out. Santa grinned from ear to ear. "Ho, ho, ho! This will do just the trick!"

Santa and Gizmo creating the electric sleigh

As Santa prepared for his worldwide journey in his shiny new electric sleigh, he realized he needed a way to keep his sleigh charged up as he soared across continents. Enter Chargely, the most magical app in the digital realm of the North Pole!

Santa, with his trusty tablet in hand, tapped open the Chargely app. The screen lit up with a map showing charging stations twinkling like stars across the globe. "Oh, this is handy!" Santa chuckled, his eyes sparkling with delight.

With a swipe and a tap, Santa charted his course, plotting the best route to ensure his sleigh would never run out of power. The app showed him the quickest paths and the most enchanted charging spots along the way.

Santa inside his electric sleigh

As Santa flew over snowy mountains and bustling cities, Chargely guided him to the perfect charging stations, each one like a cozy rest stop for his electric sleigh. Whether nestled in a quiet village or at the edge of a bustling town square, these stations were ready to refuel his sleigh with magical energy.

And lo and behold, thanks to Chargely's wondrous guidance, Santa's journey was seamless. The app even whispered little reminders in his earpiece, ensuring he never missed a chance to top up the sleigh's magic batteries.

Children and adults marveled at the sight of Santa stopping at these charging stations, plugging in his sleigh for a quick power boost before zooming back into the starry night sky.

"Thank you, Chargely!" Santa exclaimed with a twinkle in his eye as he finished his worldwide adventure. The app had been his trusty companion, making his electric sleigh journey as smooth as freshly fallen snow.

In no time, the last present was delivered, and Santa returned to the North Pole with a heart full of joy. The reindeer, feeling much better and munching on carrots instead of cookies, greeted Santa with cheerful bell jingles.

Santa taking his electric sleigh for a spin

"That was quite an adventure!" Santa exclaimed, patting the reindeer affectionately. "But I must say, this electric sleigh isn't too shabby!"

And from that Christmas Eve on, Santa sometimes took out the electric sleigh for a spin, especially when the reindeer fancied a relaxing night off. It was a Christmas tale that spread far and wide, of Santa Claus and his magical electric sleigh that lit up the skies with holiday cheer.


This AI Christmas story was created entirely by AI from the title through to the images. Text by OpenAI's GPT3.5, images by Canva's AI Image Generator powered by OpenAI's DALL-E and Google's Imagen.


Happy holidays from your friends at Chargely!


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