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  • Carmen Iao

Maine to Miami: Day 1 & 2 of an EV Road Trip with Chargely

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Co-founders David Tse and Nick Maiello are taking Chargely on a road test! They're taking David's Rivian R1T down to the Electrify Expo in Miami and relying on Chargely to find public charging stops along the road.

No planning or research was done ahead of time.

Scary? Depends who you ask!

Follow along for more EV road trip updates on our brand new Instagram @chargely_official!

Day 1: Portland, ME to Hamilton, NJ

375 miles

David and Nick left from the Roux Institute in Portland. The rain cleared up right before they left! 🌧️ 🌈

Well, there wasn't actually a rainbow. But we felt the rainbow. Maybe even a double rainbow.

They used Chargely's recommendation to stop for a fast charge at the Bank of America in Hartfort, CT, before continuing down to Hamilton for the night. (Note: you have to have Chargely installed for the link to work and we're working on fixing that.)

Day 2: Hamilton, NJ to Raleigh, NC

460 miles

David and Nick had stayed at a hotel with two Level 2 chargers, but by the time they pulled up at 3am, both were taken! Womp womp.

After charging up the next morning (and grabbing some coffee), they continued down and made another charge stop at a Target in Springfield, VA. (Noting again: you have to have Chargely installed for the link to work! We're working on fixing that.)

After another day of driving and crossing through 5 states, David and Nick reflected on their day.

They're halfway there! Get more EV road trip updates on Instagram @chargely_official!


This cross-country EV road trip is brought to you by Chargely, a new way to route, rate, and review chargers!

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